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Straight Talk with Joe Rullo: NJ Republican Establishment Sank Phil Murphy Recall, Now Complaining About Phil Murphy

BAYVILLE, NJ – The Phil Murphy Recall created a Republican resurgence in 2019 but that fizzled because the establishment Republican party in New Jersey wanted nothing to do with it, for the most part.  Now, these same establishment hacks are pandering to the conservative voter with a new “tough on Murphy” stance, but it’s too late.  The damage has been done.   Businesses are failing, people are out of work and most of New Jersey is still shut down…that blood is on Phil Murphy’s hands, but it’s also on the Republican Party of New Jersey, most of which not only went against the Phil Murphy Recall, some tried to sabotage it.   Now, New Jersey is stuck with Phil Murphy until his re-election and with the Democrat vote behind him, he’s soaring in popularity in a blue state.  Today, I expose why that recall fell short.

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Photo U.S. Senate Candidate Hirsh Singh organized a signing event with Mayor Carmen Amato in Berkeley Township.


Last years NJ Recall Murphy movement brought Republican resurgence but the establishment influencers Sabatoged it!

Posted by Joseph Rudy Rullo on Wednesday, June 10, 2020

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