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Guess Who’s Back in NJ Politics? Chris Christie and Rikin Mehta, Poifect Together

MORRISTOWN, NJ –  After former Obama era big-pharma pusher Rikin Mehta had dinner with former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Mitch “I want to bankrupt NJ” McConnell (pictured in background), it’s no surprise that Christie endorsed the former Democrat for U.S. Senate today.   After all, it’s like my momma used to say, Christie and Mehta go together like peas and carrots.   Christie runs an opioid rehab center and Mehta pushes opioids for pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer.

The sign on the Delaware River Bridge in Trenton should read, “The Addicts Mehta Makes, Christie Takes”.

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Mehta is being pushed by the New Jersey Republican swamp elite…Christie, Palatucci, Kean and others.  Chris Christie effectively sank Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno’s campaign because he’s still the most unpopular governor ever in New Jersey, despite all Phil Murphy has done.   Trump didn’t want Christie after he threw Bridget Anne Kelly to the wolves in his Bridgegate scandal.

That’s why today, nobody is surprised, and fewer conservative Republicans even care if Christie endorsed Mehta.

Like Senator Kean’s father used to tell us,  Christie and Mehta, “Poifect Togetha”.

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Mehta’s opponent, candidate Hirsh Singh should be breathing a sigh of relief that he didn’t get the Christie endorsement.



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