U.S. Senate Candidate Mehta Continues Pushing for Opioid Pharma Industry as NJ Sees Huge Spike in Overdose Deaths

TOMS RIVER, NJ – In a report today in NJ.com, it has been reported that New Jersey is seeing a record number of drug overdose deaths.  New Jersey saw 1,339 people die of suspected drug overdoses in the first five months of the year, 225 more than were recorded in 2019 over the same time period, the paper wrote in a published article.   According to the state-run NJ Cares website police and EMT’s saved an additional 6,075 overdose patients with Naloxone (Narcan).   Statewide, there were 1,486,295 opioid prescriptions in the state between January 1st and May 31st.

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Those stats are falling flat on the tone-deaf ears U.S. Senate Candidate Rikin Mehta, a former Obama-era Democrat who has seen the light and turned into a Republican for this year’s election.  Mehta built his senate platform on his big pharma experience with Pfizer and with his appointment in the Barack Obama FDA.

Mehta said if he gets to Washington, D.C. he has declared he will, “Strengthen America’s opioid supply chain.”

Mehta’s message may ring well in the heavily Democrat cities of North Jersey, but in counties like Ocean, Monmouth and Middlesex, who lead the state in deaths each year, including 2020, the epidemic is real.  Mehta’s concern for the big-pharma bottom line could exacerbate the once again growing opioid pandemic in Central New Jersey.

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This past week, Mehta found support in another influential former politician who has money in the opioid business game, former Governor Chris Christie.  This week, Christie registered as a lobbyist of the opioid rehab treatment industry and is also an executive board member at the Beach House rehab center.  Christie officially endorsed Mehta for Senate.   Taking cue from the popular Trenton bridge over the Delaware River, if elected, the addicts Mehta makes, Christie Takes.

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