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Woman says it all started with her being called a “n-word” at a New Jersey Shop Rite

SOMERVILLE, NJ – It all started in the meat aisle at the Somerville, New Jersey Shop Rite.  That’s when Sakiah Jones was confronted by an elderly woman.  Moments earlier, the elderly woman, who was walking slowly in front of Jones.  Jones decided to just walk around her, because who has all day to wait.  We’ve all been through it in the grocery store.  People walking slow, blocking aisles, it happens. Like Jones, we try to get past and go on with our day and apparently, that’s what she did.

Until the woman caught up with Jones picking out meat for her family for dinner.

Jones claims the elderly woman, upset with the previous encounter, which was not caught on video, said, “Maybe if you get off the f-cking phone you can pick your meat n-n-gger.”

Jones said she held her anger in and politely told the woman to leave her alone and go around…she even offered to move her shopping cart to accommodate the woman, she said.

“She continued to call me all types of names…. telling me since I touched all the meats I have to buy them,” Jones said.  “I was very respectful at first, cause I wouldn’t want anyone disrespecting my grandmother…. but she just continued on and on….. till I snapped and cussed her ass out!”

First, since when is the unspoken rule of the supermarket, if you touch it, you buy it?  I’m sure even Larry David wouldn’t agree with that one.

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A few people in the area came to the defense of racist grandma, according to Jones.   Visibly upset, Jones was now confronted by other shoppers and store employees.  That’s when bearded middle-aged white guy popped into the picture, screaming at Jones, “You better have 10 motherf-ckers like you.”

“I’ll rip your ass in half,” he screamed.

The woman’s daughter ran at Jones screaming, “You stupid b-tch, who do you think you are you f-cking n-gger.”

As of now, neither police nor the Shop Rite has released any further information regarding this incident which has gone viral nationwide this morning.



SHOPRITE IN SOMERVILLE ‼️‼️So yesterday I went to shoprite to go grocery shopping (11am)… I get to the meat section and there’s a elderly lady walking very slow so I go around her…. as I’m standing there on the phone with my Gma Theresa Jackson picking out my meat for dinner, I was approached from behind…. all I heard was “maybe if you get off the fucking phone you can pick your meat nigger” so I KINDLY asked the lady to leave me alone and to go around me if she needed something or I’ll move my cart so she can go on other side …. she continued to call me all types of names…. telling me since I touched all the meats I have to buy them…..WTF?? I was very respectful at first, cause I wouldn’t want anyone disrespecting my grandmother…. but she just continued on and on….. till I snapped and cussed her ass out!!!!!! An middle aged white lady approached this older woman wondering if she’s OK 😳 had the nerve to tell me I shouldn’t talk to her that way because she an ELDER!!!!!! Was you just standing there when she approached me, was you standing there when she called me a fucking NIGGER???? Was she standing there when she called me everything outside of my name???? So she got cussed out as well 🤷🏼‍♀️ now all eyes on us…. I use to work for this particular shoprite for YEARS with the MANAGERS….. NEVER had problem with ANYONE!!! Now the managers and employees are asking me to calm down but not once asked me what happened until Mariella and Roseanne came and got me away and asked what happened…. they were disgusted…. none else even cared…. I calmed down… went back to get my meat (crowd still there) as I’m walking through, I hear the white middle aged lady say “sometimes you just have to ignore ignorance” (ME) once again BITCH was you there from the beginning??? So your voice doesn’t even matter…. I guess she was shopping with her daughter and husband…. her daughter hears her mom voice all the way across the store and comes charging at me yelling “you stupid bitch, who do you think you are you fucking nigger” so now I’m arguing with three racists fucks….the husband was standing right next to me. He turns around and goes “you fucking hoodlum who do you think your talking to”….. mind you I’m by MYSELF!!!!! So I get on the phone to call my kids father and the man shouts out “hope your calling your people like you cause I’m got friends like you too cause I’ll rip your ass in half” now the daughter steady going off yelling and screaming “she probably got 10 baby daddies” “bitch this bitch that”….. I TOLD THEM (shoprite) several times to run the cameras back…. they just stood there….of course police was called…. they (white) were concerned for their SAFETY 🤔🤔NOT ONCE DID SHOPRITE ASK THESE RACISTS FUCKS TO LEAVE THE STORE AFTER I TOLD THEM ABOUT THE RACIST SLURS!!!!!! THIS IS A VIDEO THAT WAS RECORDED BY A BLACK LADY IN THE STORE AND WAS SENT TO A FRIEND OF MINE AND SENT TO ME…… this is the ending 😡😡PLEASE PLEASE SHARE SHARE‼️‼️‼️‼️ WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING!!!! It’s ONLY GOING TO GET WORSE!!!!! Imagine if I had my BOYS with me!!!! Thanks to the lady that recorded this ❤️ENOUGH IS ENOUGH 🙏🏽BLACK LIVES MATTER 💯💪🏼💯💪🏼ShopRiteShopRiteShoprite Coupon Group

Posted by Sakiah M. Jones on Wednesday, June 17, 2020

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