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Governor Murphy: Amusement Parks, Water Parks and Playgrounds Reopen July 2nd

SEASIDE HEIGHTS, NJ – Governor Murphy today said he will allow Amusement Parks, Playgrounds, and Waterparks to reopen on July 2nd.  Standard social distancing rules will be in effect, meaning patrons will have to wait on lines in six-foot intervals, mask up, and social distance.   Specific guidelines for the amusement operators

Park attendance will be at 50% capacity.  Strict hygiene protocols should be anticipated.  Rides, Murphy said should be configured to allow six-foot spacing between riders and markings on the ground to denote social distancing.

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“Yes, the rides will be in operation, but moreover we want everyone to enjoy the rides responsibly,” Murphy said.

Tomorrow, Murphy said he will announce the return for indoor entertainment, including arcades.  Murphy credited social distancing for his ability to reopen amusement and entertainment businesses.

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