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Watch: Shootings on the rise as tensions escalate and police stay home in Atlanta

ATLANTA, GA – Multiple people have been shot in gunfights across Atlanta as police continue their protest in the city.   Residents of Atlanta who called for the disbanding of the police department and for charges against police officers involved in an officer-involved shooting death are now seeing the reality of a city without a police force.

In one shooting a man arguing with a protester blocking the road and a protester opened fire on the man, reportedly missing him.

That night, during a protest at the Wendy’s where Rashard Brooks was shot and killed by police officers, an innocent bystander, a young woman was shot in the leg during an open gun battle in the streets.

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See both videos below.


COPS WALK OUT in Atlanta .. gunfights erupt!

First night in Atlanta after cops walk out … Atlanta turns into Wild West as gun fights erupt in the streets. HELP US SHOW EVERYONE WHAT LIFE LOOKS LIKE WITHOUT COPS!

Posted by Joshua Feuerstein on Saturday, June 20, 2020

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