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Lacey School Board Says No to Politically Charged McGuckin, Dasti Firm, Hires Capehart Scatchard

LACEY TOWNSHIP, NJ – The Lacey Township School Board on Thursday evening said “NO!” to political patronage and to a law firm that has deep backroom political ties and dozens of public contracts throughout Ocean County.  The board was seeking to replace Christopher M. Supsie as board attorney.   Residents speaking at the meeting verbally wrecked Assemblyman Greg McGuckin’s firm, and his partner Jerry Dasti, one of the county’s most prolific political horse traders in the past 14 months.

As far as McGuckin’s firm, residents speaking during the zoom meeting made speeches against the McGuckin and both Dasti family-owned firms.

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“These are not the kind of headlines we want in Lacey,” said resident Amanda Buron.  “As far as Jerry Dasti, he fired his own son.  He locked his doors on him and fired him by email. I don’t know if that’s the level of professionalism required by Lacey residents.”

“They already represent out township and our MUA,” Buron continued. “They’re the ones that allowed that free water line for Joey Harrison’s/Lattitudes and infuriated our town.”

“As far as Dasti, he’s a political hack, his organization, both of ’em,” said Lacey resident Anothony Risoli. “I don’t want anything to do with any of the Dasti firms, they have too much involvement in this township as it is. I don’t see how they can be objective for our students or our town when they have so many political ties in the county.”

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The board voted 6-0 on the resolution to hire Capehart Scatchard, based out of Mount Laurel Township.

The contract is worth an estimated $150,000 or so annually.


Live: Lacey BOE meeting

Lacey BOE meeting

Posted by Lacey Township Online on Thursday, June 25, 2020

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