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Individual Indoor Training at Gyms Must have Floor to Ceiling Dividers Between Individuals

TRENTON, NJ – Governor Phil Murphy has laid out his plan to allow gyms to being individualized fitness training indoors starting July 2nd.   It’s doubtful that any gyms can actually accomplish this and have more than one person in their gym at the same time.  But this is New Jersey, and we know you’re all a bunch of creative geniuses in the small business community and will find ways to improvise, overcome and adapt to Murphy’s Law.

That is until he locks your place down and gives you a citation.

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Gyms and fitness centers are permitted to offer individualized indoor instruction by appointment only where an instructor is offering training to an individual, and the individual’s immediate family members, household members, caretakers, or romantic partners.  If a gym or fitness center is offering multiple simultaneous instructions at the same facility, these instructions must take place in separate rooms or, if they take place in the same room, must be separated by a floor-to-ceiling barrier that complies with all fire code requirements.

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