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Straight Talk With Joe Rullo: Christie-Norcross Political Syndicate Working With New Jersey GOP to Re-Elect Cory Booker

Rik Mehta is a Democrat plant place in the New Jersey Senate election by former Governor Chris Christie…and now they are working with the Democrats to try to sink the political campaign of conservative U.S. Senate candidate Hirsh Singh.

Chris Christie Needs A New Cory Booker

Chris Christie Needs A New Cory Booker, find out who it is…

Posted by Shore News Network on Friday, June 26, 2020

Governor Phil Murphy’s Attorney General Gurbir Grewal is a Democrat trying to censor the 1st amendment rights of a US Senate candidate.  Hirsh Singh was part of “March on Murphy in Trenton” and was one of the lead organizers of the Governor Murphy Recall PEtition.   Hirsh Singh was present at nearly every  Reopen NJ protest, Trump rallies, and multiple 2A speeches in Trenton. He even marched on Governor Phil Murphy’s house a few weeks ago in protest of the neverending government lockdown in our state.

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This was all in opposition to the crown of Murphy’s attack dog attorney general Grewal. They all did the same stuff to President Trump.  If you remember, Murphy and Grewal are the ones leading the charge to remove Trump’s name from the 2020 November election ballot, and now they are doing the same thing with Hirsh Singh, but this time with even more support from the New Jersey GOP and “Team Christie”.

It’s no secret Chris Christie is danger close in politics with Cory Booker.  You can even say Christie’s political resurgence is nothing more than coming out of the woodwork to sink a candidate that can beat his bro, Booker.  Why else does a guy who has been MIA from New Jersey politics for three years magically pop out of thin air a few weeks before an election, undermining the front-running U.S. Republican Senate candidate?

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In fact, some RINO Republicans are unsuccessfully attempting to use Grewal to influence the US Senate election.

Hirsh sent a letter telling people the truth that they got hoodwinked by Rik Mehta a pharmaceutical Democratic opiate peddler plant is not a crime. We all know Hirsh Singh is the only person who can beat Booker because pharmaceutical Democratic opiate peddler plant Rik Mehta is a Democrat. RINO Republicans working with Democrats to cover up the truth with fake news distractions that Rik Mehta is a Democrat that is what this is about. Rik Mehta is a sacrificial lamb to assure Cory Booker’s re-election. We all know Democrat political power boss and Camden county liberal  Norcross and Governor Christie are BFF’s with Cory Booker! Shame on perennial loser Camden county GOP chairman Ambrosino for starting this distraction. They all did the same stuff to President Trump.

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