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Republicans who called for $15,000 COVID-19 Fines Now Want Democrats to Return Favor of Bipartisanship

TOMS RIVER, NJ –  Just a few weeks ago, New Jersey State Senator James Holzapfel and his assembly partners in crime, Greg McGuckin and John Catalano were calling for among the stiffest COVID-19 penalties in the nation.  The trio proposed a law that would have fined New Jerseyeans $15,000 per incident for violating Phil Murphy’s executive orders.  That would mean a restaurant opening early or even a person walking in the park could be fined $15,000!

Luckily, Shore News Network was there to stop them and they eventually pulled that bill.  Now, they are going after Governor Phil Murphy’s agenda, instead of helping it.

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The 10th District legislators voted against a massive $7.7 billion spending bill (S-20) to extend the FY 2020 State Budget after the Murphy Administration pushed this state further into debt amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

While the three worked with Murphy to punish residents, they are now looking for a reciprocal level of bi-partisanship in return from the governor and state Democrats.

“Trenton Democrats have refused to work across the aisle to create a reasonable and affordable budget proposal to get New Jersey back on track after it was impacted by the public health emergency.  Republicans have addressed their concerns to Governor Murphy about the many challenges facing our State, including tax revenue losses and an unconstitutional plan to borrow without voter approval.  Unfortunately, these matters have been ignored and the Governor has his own agenda separate from the people we represent,” the trio said in a press release today.

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