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This 8-Year Old Girl Single-handedly Showed the World How Ending Racism Starts

ENGLAND – 8-Year-Old Tallulah and her delivery driver Tim have a relationship that can exist around the world if people allowed it. It takes an 8-year-old girl and a deaf delivery driver to show the world what human beings can accomplish if they simply f’n try, just a little bit.  Knowing her delivery guy was deaf, Tallulah took it upon herself to learn sign language so she can communicate with Tim.

Tim’s disability doesn’t change his life, but maybe what the world needs is a little more color blindness.

8-year-old Tallulah and her delivery driver Tim, who is deaf, have built a friendship during lockdown, and communicate with the signs he teaches her—“Good Morning! Have a good day!” ❤️(🎥:@goodnews_movement / Twitter: @mummybear1903 / Tik Tok: @tallulah.mc07)

Posted by E! News on Thursday, July 2, 2020


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