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Hundreds of Boaters Travel the Barnegat Bay in Trump, Law Enforcement Support Boat Parade

TOMS RIVER, NJ – Several hundred boats today participated in the President Donald J. Trump boat parade, filling the Barnegat Bay from Toms River north to Mantoloking.  The entire bay was a sea of Trump 2020 flags, American flags, and Trump supporters sporting signs and patriotic-themed outfits, bathing suits, and bikinis.

The parade was organized by Stafford resident Chris Molla.   Stafford Township Conservative Republican and township councilman George Williams was named parade Grand Marshall.

“I would like to thank the legendary and the great Chris Molla for putting together this wonderful event, he did a bang up job. And by the way, all of your boats just look absolutely beautiful. I see lots of red, white and blue out here! Great job everyone,” Williams said. “Today, many Americans are dealing with a growing danger. Angry mobs are unleashing a wave of violent crime in our cities while defacing monuments and statues. Radical groups are currently trying to erase everything this country was built on. One of those dangers, is the defunding, the disrespect, and the abolishment of our beloved police officers.”

Williams was part of a conservative insurgency that wrestled political power from the Stafford Township establishment Republicans who were previously running his town.

This attack on our liberty must stop. It is a merciless campaign to wipe out our history. Some politicians, drunk with power, want these police officers, the ones who keep us safe from harm, completely gone. Well, not on my watch. They want to silence us but we will not be silenced,” Williams said.  We’re not sure if he was talking about Freeholder Virginia Haines and Assemblyman Gregory P. McGuckin or not, but those two would be the epitome of that remark here in Ocean County.

We will not be intimidated by bad people. We gather today, on this beautiful bay, as a show of support and appreciation for all of our boys and girls in blue. Make no mistake, we will be clear, and today we will let them know, that we have your back,” he added. “The United States of America, is the most magnificent country in the history of the world. And in 2016, the forgotten man, the silent majority, the basket of deplorables, elected our 45th president, Donald J Trump.”

Williams said America elected Trump because at the end of the day, he’s the only guy running for President that is intent on protecting the America we all grew up with.

“We elected him for many reasons. We enjoy his straight forwardness, we love his policies, and we like how he protects our second amendment, how he drains the swamp, how he builds the wall, and how we only kneel to God, and we stand, for our great national anthem,” he added. “We believe and equal opportunity, equal justice, and equal treatment for every American. This radical left wing cultural revolution will not be allowed to destroy our way of life or take away our freedom.”

Here are the latest tweets from the parade.


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