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Insane Woman Rages on Target Face Mask Rack, Tells Police She Works for Trump

SCOTTSDALE, AZ – A woman who is fed up with facemasks recorded herself raging on a rack full of the protective gear at an Arizona Target store.

She claims she was, “Looking forward to this shit all her life.”

“This shit’s over,” she said repeatedly as she trashed the facemask aisle.

After asking to stop by a store worker, she said she has a $40,000 Rolex and has the right to destroy a Target just like everyone else does.

Well, police disagreed when they arrive, arresting her after she told them she works for President Donald J. Trump.

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She went on a crazy rant about being a Qanon spokesperson telling police they don’t have clearance and she works for the White House.

“I’m on the phone with him [Trump] all the time, I’m f-cking wired,” she said. “This is being broadcast live all over the world, millions of viewers.”

Police then arrested her.

“You’re doing this because I’m Jewish, this is Nazi bullshit,” she said as police could be heard cuffing the woman.


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