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Straight Talk With Joe Rullo: Phil Murphy, You’re an Idiot

TOMS RIVER, NJ – Governor Murphy has issued an order to wear a face mask outside when social distancing is not possible.  Joe Rullo gets into the weeds and talks about the problems behind Murphy’s weird science and blames the governor for social distancing problems.   Here’s what’s going to happen, let’s talk about it in depth.

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Governor Murphy Executive order for mandatory masks outside is reckless and Dangerous. He should be held responsible for any illness or deaths related to order.JOE, PLEASE SHARE WITH YOUR BASE: Today "Phony Phil" will sign an E.O.to require masks be worn at all times outdoors and indoors. Voice your concern and call or email. 609-292-6000 or https://www.nj.gov/governor/contact/PLEASE DON'T IGNORE THIS. YOUR FREEDOM IS BEING STRIPPED AWAY WITH EACH STRIKE OF HIS PEN !!!! WHILE YOUR AT IT EMAIL OR CALL THE FEDERAL ATTORNEY GENERAL AG BARR AND TELL HIM THAT YOUR CIVIL RIGHTS ARE BEING VIOLATED BY MURPHY.202-353-1555 COMMENT LINE OR SWITCHBOARD 202-514-2000 or https://www.justice.gov/contact-ushttps://www.njleg.state.nj.us/districts/municipalities.asp CALL YOUR REPRESENTATIVES ALSO. FIND YOUR TOWN AND CALL !If you have any other contact info feel free to post it.Don't give up your rights – you will be sorry if you don't take a stand now !!!! NJ has a population of about 9 million, of that about 7 million are of age to vote. ISN'T THERE ENOUGH PEOPLE THAT ARE WILLING TO STAND UP AND FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHTS???? {if YOU want to wear a mask then do so but don't tell others that they have to If you are not in agreement then scroll on by}PLEASE SHARE THIS BUT NOT BEFORE YOU CALL OR EMAIL.ALSO CHECK THIS LINK OUT:https://standforhealthfreedom.com/action/act-now-mandatory-masks-endanger-your-health/?fbclid=IwAR1oiGRG7Q72Swc6M5jSpQEPZyW7zJctR1p5cCOERFO08a46MUDbs2fEuuU

Posted by Joseph Rudy Rullo on Wednesday, July 8, 2020

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