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U.S. Attorney General William Barr Accused of Taking Bribes by Local New Jersey Con

JACKSON TOWNSHIP, NJ – Attorney General William Barr has been accused of taking bribes by a local Ocean County fraudster.  Richard Ciullo, who operates a hate blog group,said in a social media post that Barr filed a civil rights lawsuit against Jackson Township Mayor Michael Reina, only after a visit to Washington, D.C. by Lakewood Township philanthropist Dr. Richard Roberts.   Attorney General Barr filed a lawsuit against the Township of Jackson for a series of ordinances Reina and the council passed, that the Department of Justice deemed infringed upon the civil liberties of the growing Orthodox Jewish community there.

“Since the council is already taking the actions that are at the core of the lawsuit, it seems “redundant” to have filed this action a week after the first steps were taken. Some might even consider it overzealous. Almost as if it was being done as a favor for a large republican donor by the name of Doctor Rich Roberts, but we digress,” Ciullo wrote after the lawsuit was filed.

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Roberts went to D.C. earlier this year and met with Republican National Committeewoman Ronna McDaniel. Shortly after his visit with McDaniel, the RNC condemned two Jackson Township Republican Party officials, Clara Glory and Todd Porter for anti-Semitic posts the pair made on Facebook.

A search today of the Federal Elections Commission database showed Roberts made only two political campaign contributions in the past 18 months, both to New Jersey Congressman Chris Smith in the amount of $5,200, hardly enough to consider a bribe of America’s top law enforcement official.

Matthew Reilley, a spokesperson for the Department of Justice said of Ciullo’s outlandish claim, “no comment”, an accusation hardly worth the dignity of a formal response.

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Ciullo has been banned from using Facebook.

Last year, Ciullo made headlines again after he allegedly stiffed his Latin-American landlord out of rent from the home he was living in.  Ciullo was once an elected official, serving on the Berkeley Township Board of Education. His political career came to a screeching halt after his first criminal conviction.

Ciullo has a criminal record that includes two check fraud convictions.  This year, he was sentenced by the New Jersey courts to serve weekends in the Ocean County Jail after being convicted of check fraud.   When not spending his weekends in jail, Ciullo blogs hate messages anyone he dislikes.

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These days Ciullo expanded his hate platform against Jews and routinely attacks journalists from several newspapers who don’t subscribe to his brand of hate.  He also runs political interference for Jackson Mayor Michael Reina and Toms River Mayor Maurice Hill, essentially defending the two mayors religiously any time any journalist publishes news that paints the two mayors in a negative light.  Ciullo uses his platform to threaten and harass people, often posting photoshopped pictures in a futile attempt to intimidate and threaten them.

Meanwhile, online dozens of people have posted complaints about Ciullo’s fundraising efforts, claiming they sent Ciullo money to purchase hats and shirts over a year ago, but still have not yet received the items they claim they paid for.


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