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N.J. Election Offices Still Receiving Boxes of Ballots from Post Office on Final Day

MAYS LANDING, NJ – Establishment Republicans in New Jersey have been quick to take the Associated Press story of Rikin Mehta as fact, but one fact remains.  At least 100,000 ballots have not yet been counted and today, thousands are still being delivered by the United States Postal Service.  Since when did Republicans in New Jersey suddenly believe in the magic of the liberal media and the mail-in-ballot election of Governor Phil Murphy?

Nobody here is claiming Rik Mehta doesn’t win the election and we’re also not saying these boxes of mystery ballots are going to turn the election for Hirsh Singh, but what we are saying is that every vote still counts, even in New Jersey where Republicans in many part of the state supported a lifelong Obama Democrat for U.S. Senate and rushed to the polls to support an anti-Trump congressman who has voted against the President since being elected to office, just because he changed party affiliations earlier this year.

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Yes, every vote STILL counts, even in the Blue state of New Jersey.  U.S. Senate candidate Hirsh Singh who trails Rik Mehta by 14,000 votes agrees.

“I just came from the post office in Mays Landing – the seat of county government in Atlantic County – where I’m pleased to report Elections officials had just been there to pick up the last of the ballots held by the post office so that they could be counted according to today’s deadline,” Hirsh Singh said. “Their efforts to proactively retrieve lingering ballots are in stark contrast to what I witnessed last week in Burlington County when I witnessed a postal employee attempt to deliver this box of ballots but was turned away because county officials left before 4pm (their end of day) and no one could accept them. Rest assured, our team is spread out across the state fighting to ensure that every properly cast vote is counted and that no New Jerseyean is disenfranchised by the chaos caused by Phil Murphy’s disastrous Vote by Mail edict.”


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