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Rollin’ with Roland: Movement to End Pay to Play Politics is Important for Toms River’s Future

TOMS RIVER, NJ – Pay to Play is destroying our town of Toms River and being one of the front lines against corruption has come with price, albeit a very small and insignificant price as those loyal to the corrupt regime of Toms River Mayor Maurice Hill and New Jersey Assemblyman Greg McGuckin have gone out of their way to try to smear me, discredit me and intimidate me into backing off my fight.  It’s not going to happen.  In fact, these people don’t realize when you attack somebody for calling out corruption, it only proves they are on to something and others are getting worried and scared.

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Pay to Play is going to destroy Toms River, because our elected officials are now for sale.  Here’s the breakdown and why everyone in Toms River needs to open their eyes and get involved as we take back our town from a group of corrupt politicians masquerading as “Republicans”.

Help us and sign our petition to call for the end of pay to play politics in Toms River and for the resignation of those who engage in pay to play politics.

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Thanks to all who have taken the time to join in this struggle to demand those that broke our pay to play laws in Toms Riverare held to account. We will not be bullied we will not waver and toether we will take our town back. #GUARDIANOFTHESQUAD#OCNS

Posted by Ocean County News Squad on Tuesday, July 28, 2020

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