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Mo Hill Targets Pool Rentals, Is His Relationship with Orthodox Community Breaking?

TOMS RIVER, NJ – Toms River Mayor Maurice Hill announced today the township will begin issuing summonses to combat illegal pool rentals, showing perhaps his relationship with the Orthodox Jewish community is on shaky ground.  Hill, who rose to power through the support of the Orthodox bloc vote in 2019 is now going after pool rentals, a service that is popular within the community.

“As a result of an ongoing investigation by Township Code Enforcement officers in response to several complaints, the owner of a residential property located in the North Dover section of Toms River was issued two summonses for violations of Township Ordinance 579-5.c (failure to obtain a permit for commercial use of a private swimming pool) and Township Ordinance 335-43 (renting a swimming pool),” Hill said today. “The incident occurred on July 16, 2020, between the hours of 1:30 p.m. and 2:30 p.m. Toms River Township Code Enforcement officers, working in conjunction with the Mayor’s Quality of Life Task Force, observed two separate passenger buses from Jay’s Bus Service dropping off and picking up a total of 85 minors at the residence for the purpose of using the swimming pool for a fee.”

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The investigation is continuing, but to date, no further violations have been observed. A court date of August 10, 2020, has been scheduled.

Mayor Maurice Hill said, “The Township has ordinances in place which prohibit daily rentals of houses and swimming pools in residential neighborhoods. As Mayor, it is my job to enforce these ordinances and I remind our residents that any similar violations will be addressed in the same manner”.

Or is Hill’s enforcement just another smoke and mirrors play out of his playbook, like the time when he ‘fined’ a rabbi for illegal construction work, only to find out that it was a coordinated effort to make him appear ‘tough’ or ‘strong’ against the Orthodox community which funded and fueled his rise to power in town.

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If Hill was indeed serious about pool rentals, all he’d have to do is go to and search his town’s zip code to find pools for rent in his town.  Swimply is just one app used by people to rent their pools out, essentially, it is the Air BnB of pool rentals.

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