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Political Insiders: Mayor Mo Hill Asking Township Council Members Not to Vote on His PO Box Land Sale

TOMS RIVER, NJ – After Mayor Maurice Hill’s extremely sketchy public land auction was exposed by Shore News Network and Toms River Councilman Daniel Rodrick, insiders in Toms River Town hall tonight are saying Hill has asked the council not to approve the sale.

Hill, according to sources within the Toms River Republican Party, for which Hill is not a member, said an email from Hill was sent to members of the council advising them not to vote for the sale of the Hinds Road commercial property, a deal Hill brokered with a real estate auction house.

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We are unsure at this point what Hill’s intentions were, but we’re confident that if it wasn’t for our investigation, this sale would have gone without notice and would have been approved by a council vote of 6-1 during Tuesday’s meeting.   For now, the land on Hinds Road and the plot of land near Money Island are safe from being sold to land developers.

The Hill team now is reportedly scrambling for other revenue sources to balance the budget which brought a huge tax increase to residents of the community.

We’ll have more on this tomorrow as the latest scandal in Toms River unfolds.

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