Did Jackson Mayor Michael Reina Just Troll a Disabled Bridge Worker Who Couldn’t Climb Ladders?

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JACKSON TOWNSHIP, NJ – One day after reporting that Jackson Township Mayor Michael Reina is the target of a harassment suit of a disabled bridge worker who was not able to climb a ladder, Reina’s township website posted a bizarre, out of the blue, ladder safety post copied and pasted from New Jersey Manufacturer’s Insurance.   Reina, who has been known to be vindictive against his opponents and employees both in town hall and at his six-figure job with the Ocean County Bridge Department has several lawsuits filed against him by former employees at both jobs.

The post by the Township of Jackson was entitled, “Ladder Safety is More Than Hanging On”.

It comes less than twenty-four hours after a story about one former bridge worker suing the county of Ocean for alleged employee discrimination against a disabled worker who was unable to climb a ladder on the bridge.

“Ladder Safety is More Than Hanging On,” the story reads. “Fall is a time when many people are busy doing work around the outside of their homes in preparation for the winter.”

The posting comes as the first “seasonal” PSA ever posted to the township’s Facebook page.

Last year, one of Reina’s intermittent workers in the bridge department fell off a ladder and broke his hip. The employee claimed Reina personally said the ladder was safe to climb beforehand.  Reina claimed the worker had a broken hip before climbing the ladder according to an account by a bridge worker.

Reina is facing lawsuits from nearly a half-dozen current and former employees for workplace harassment and there are countless stories about Reina threatening clerks and employees at Jackson Township Townhall, but most we have spoken to are afraid to go on record against the Mayor for fear of losing their jobs.  The posting today appears to be not a message for residents, but a shot against an employee who Reina allegedly discriminated against for not being able to climb a bridge.

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Reina also has a trial pending in Atlantic County Superior Court later this month for a harassment case against a former female bridge worker.  In Jackson, Reina is facing two wrongful termination lawsuits against department heads he disagreed with, both military veterans.  Reina just settled a workplace harassment suit in Jackson against a police officer that gave his son, Michael, Jr. a summons for driving without a valid registration. That officer had the younger Reina’s vehicle impounded.  In return, Reina tried to tarnish the officer’s career.  Reina eventually settled with the officer and lost the case.

Last month, Reina allegedly reprimanded his own chief of police, Matthew Kunz after Kunz’s officers peacefully dispersed a large crowd from a Jackson mansion party.  Reina reprimanded Kunz for not calling his office at 12:30 in the morning, despite the party being broken up completely without incident.





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