How Can Businesses Boost Their Online Presence for Greater Success?

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How Can Businesses Boost Their Online Presence for Greater Success?

New Jersey has been hard-hit by the current crisis, with many of its 861,000 small businesses having had to close for good – as reported by Brick and mortar stores in particular have seen their sales plummet, and essential stores that remain open are managing to do so while imposing social distancing requirements. Now more than ever, digitalization is a key factor in remaining open. Having an online presence can help many NJ businesses continue to provide goods and services to clients in a more efficient and speedy manner.

NJ and Online Searches

NJ businesses that are still reticent to go digital can benefit from key facts on searches. Research by marketing firm shows that in recent years, over four million searches have been carried out on less than 40 NJ-related keywords online. Many of the most oft-searched terms are related to business. Top searches include ‘NJ Shore Hotels,’ ‘NJ Beaches,’ ‘Jersey Shore Hotels,’ and more directly relating to tourism, products, and services. Companies wishing to survive in competitive times can achieve a much-needed edge by strengthening their online presence.

The Importance of Good Content

NJ companies wishing to build good websites and social media pages need to bear in mind that content marketing is key to ranking highly in searches. The Content Marketing Institute has found that around 72% of marketers report that good content increases client or audience engagement. What marks good content is a blend of imagery and text that grabs your audience’s attention or that keeps them coming back because of the quality of information you are providing. Content can be entertaining or informative but it should provide real value to your customers and should do more than showcase your products and services.

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Investing Time in Content Creation

If you have talented writers in your marketing team who are interested in creating content, ensure they stick to specific guidelines. These include keeping your values and ethos in mind, aiming content at your specific audience, and backing up text with quality imagery. The writers in your team don’t have to be professional copywriters to meet your standards. Indeed, digital and advertising content differ in that advertisements comprise short but catchy phrases intended to make an immediate sale. Content, on the other hand, comprises everything from blogs to informative reports. All online content should include keywords and links to other content your team has created. It should also be industry-specific and establish your business as an authority in your speciality.

Sharing Your Content

One of the most important aspects of getting your content to your target, is content sharing. You should build up a network that includes influential people in your industry or your community. Synergies between small businesses and agreements to share content are key when it comes to expanding your audience. So, too, is posting to a schedule. In order to hone your programming schedule, use tools like HootSuite, which will allow you to post content across a wide array of media at set times.

New Jersey, like many other parts of the U.S., is struggling owing to the current health crisis. Stores selling both products and services should take advantage of digital tools to both sell and market their business. In order to do so, creating quality content (both visually and text) is important, as is making the right connections and posting in a regular and timely fashion.

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