Police Response Warranted After Unhinged Disorderly Convict Threatens Toms River Councilman at Public Meeting

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TOMS RIVER, NJ – Richard Ciullo, the leader of a registered online hate group that has been cited by the New Jersey Attorney General, Governor Phil Murphy, and the entire Board of Ocean County Freeholders put on a shocking display at this week’s Toms River Township Council meeting.  Ciullo recorded and posted the video of himself being warned by a Toms River Police Officer to social media today that showed the incident and a confrontation he provoked against Toms River Township Councilman Daniel Rodrick.

Ciullo, who was convicted of check fraud earlier this year and sentenced to a 60-day sentence began taunting Toms River Councilman Daniel Rodrick after Rodrick opposed Toms River Mayor Maurice Hill’s plan for two-acre zoning for houses of worship in Toms River.

“Does that make you uncomfortable?” Ciullo taunted Rodrick as he aimed a video camera at the councilman.

“No, not at all,” Rodrick responded.

“Kiss my ass, I’m a private citizen,” Ciullo said.

After some words with Rodrick as the meeting progressed, Ciullo stood up from the audience and approached Rodrick, but he was stopped by a Toms River Police Officer before he could get close to the councilman.

“You wanna go? I’ll go,” Ciullo said to Rodrick.  Rodrick declined Ciullo’s offer to fight in the Hirshblonde meeting room but called Ciullo a coward who hides behind social media.  At that point, Ciullo stood up and approached Rodrick with clenched fists before an officer stepped in between the two men.

Rodrick had earlier criticized Ciullo for his operation of a vulgar Facebook page that shows pictures of young school children in Lakewood, mixed in with cartoon caricatures of naked children, cartoon caricatures of children holding sexual toys and even one depiction of a child covered in blood, see that story after this one.

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Photos of Lakewood school children were posted on a Facebook page operated by Ciullo that also shows cartoons of naked children, including depictions of male child genitalia.

“You’re being disorderly,” Toms River Police Sargeant Frank Lauria told Ciullo, then directed the man to leave the meeting room.

Earlier this week, Ciullo posted a video of a confrontation he had with an Orthodox Jewish man in Lakewood Township to his social media page.

“You understand the restraint it takes to not bash him in his face for doing that?” Ciullo said after an Orthodox Jewish man purchased a chicken at the Route 70 Bingo Wholesale Club in Lakewood walked past him.

Later, Ciullo threatened a Bingo truck driver making deliveries to the store. The man was pointing his finger at Ciullo because he was trying to gain access to park, which Ciullo was apparently blocking.

“Go ahead and point your fucking finger again you prick,” Ciullo shouted at the truck driver in earshot of dozens of young children. “Come out of the truck, you little fuck.”

At the end of the meeting, Ciullo returned to the meeting room and apologized for his earlier outburst, noting that he did not know there were children in the room.  Ciullo is a former school board member for Berkeley Township.  Ciullo is an ally of Toms River Mayor Maurice Hill.   No new charges against Ciullo were filed.   On the official Toms River Township live video stream, the township muted Ciullo’s outburst.

Photo: Screen capture from video posted by Ciullo.

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