Ocean County Clerk Up For Re-Election Already Screwed Up on Mail-In Election Ballots

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TOMS RIVER, NJ – Ocean County Clerk Scott Colabella is on the election ballot this year, but he has already screwed the printing and mailing of those ballots.   Colabella says it was human error, but said that 99.9% of the ballots his office is printing and mailing out to Ocean County voters are correct.

The problem?  Colabella’s office said voters in Point Pleasant are receiving mail-in ballots for Long Beach Township.  Colabella said the county is printing 424,000 ballots for this election and is advising Point Pleasant voters to double-check their ballots.  The ballots were the first wave of ballots sent to smaller towns and boroughs across Ocean County.

According to a News 12 story today, more than 20 voters have come forward so far. But Colabella says that the ballots mostly went out correctly.  Ballots for the smaller 26 towns in Ocean County have all been mailed out.  Now it’s up to Colabella’s office to make sure the majority of the ballots get into the hands of the right voters.

“As our staff continues to work 7 days a week to send out over 400,000 Vote by Mail Ballots, voters in the following towns should be receiving their ballots in the mail in the next few days: Lacey, Little Egg Harbor and Stafford. As of today, our office has mailed ballots to 26 of the 33 municipalities in Ocean County,” Colabella posted on the County Clerk’s Facebook page.

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