Defiant Gym Owner Calls Governor Murphy, “B*tch” and “Coward” After Lakewood Visit

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BELLMAWR, NJ – Frank Trumbetti and Ian Smith, owners of the Atilis Gym in Bellmawr, New Jersey today taunted New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy and touted their 50,000th COVID-19 free visitor attending their former gym, now a political campaign headquarters for Rikin Mehta.

“Well, today is day 204 of this ‘plandemic’, 141days since we opened up initially and 112 days since we reopened and started keeping track of all visitors to our facility. Today we welcomed our 50,000th COVID free visitor, yes that’s right 50,000 visitors since June 16th no COVID,” Trumbetti said on Facebook  “So what have I learned? I learned that if you stand up for the right thing and for the right reason you will get the support that you never could imagine from people that you don’t even know. I’ve learned that people can be responsible if you give them the chance to prove it. I’ve also learned that you will get plenty of haters who will go to almost any length to sabotage your efforts. They will actually risk losing their own business simply because they didn’t have the balls to fight and they can’t stand the fact that you were right from day 1.”

Trumbetti then took a shot at Governor Murphy and his ‘corrupt cronies’.

“Then there is that guy that somehow got elected as Governor of new jersey and all of his corrupt cronies. Talk about true garbage and hypocrites. They do whatever they want and to date have not had to answer to anyone. They have unconstitutionally shut businesses down while picking others to stay open,” he said. “They have purposely tried to kill the middle-class working man. If someone dares question the bullshit authority of their nonlaw executive orders they are handled as criminals.”

Over the summer, both Trumbetti and Smith were arrested for opening their gym in defiance of Murphy’s pandemic executive orders.  They were released shortly afterward.

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“They illegally shut you down, they get a corrupt judge to illegally change the locks on your doors, they delay court hearings unless it’s their agenda then they get their court hearing with a corrupt judge in a couple of hours so they can get what they want. this same Governor who is critical of everyone yet is a straight-up hypocritical asshole,” Trumbetti added.  “When he needed to make a statement because he needs votes he walked hand in hand with protestors at BLM rallies, violating all of his own executive orders yet just yesterday he denounced President Donald Trump’s fundraising events as being “reckless” and believes that they were also in violation of his unconstitutional executive orders. You say they were reckless because they had knowledge of exposure to COVID positive individuals. He says that all people on the guest list should quarantine for 2 weeks.”

Trumbetti turned his attention to the Governor’s visit to Lakewood last week and how the governor’s tone against “knuckleheads” had changed when it came to a community that overwhelmingly supported his election bid in 2017.

“Reckless Mr Murphy? Do you know what is reckless, careless, and downright hypocritical? That would be your town meeting last Friday in Lakewood,” he said.  “You are fining my business $15,497.76 per day for going against your orders because you say we are a danger to public health, yet we have had 50,000 visitors and zero COVID. Well in Lakewood, home of the gym Lakewood, a gym that you never shut down because you are afraid of the ramifications of their community because you need their votes. You choose to have a town meeting in a town that has had 1700+ COVID positive tests in the last 25 days and over 500 since last Wednesday, you have the leaders of the town and of the religious organizations at this meeting and as you sit outside on a nice cool day with low humidity and high winds with no mask on around individuals that we can guarantee have been in contact with COVID positive individuals.”

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The gym owner pointed out Murphy’s double standards when it came to enforcing the COVID-19 executive orders and mandatory quarantines.

“The positivity rate has reached as high as 27% in Lakewood thus you are increasing testing. The fact that you were around them and in this town should make it mandatory for you and all of your staff to self-quarantine for 2 weeks according to your own guidelines,” he added.  “Bottom line Mr. Murphy you are a hypocrite and a fucking coward. You have the balls to shut us down and fine us meanwhile we are protecting everyone, yet you let the leaders of Lakewood treat you like the bitch that you truly are.”

Trumbetti called for a total shut down of Lakewood township.

“If you had any balls you would have already shut everything down in Lakewood in order to stop the spread of the virus, but we all know that you want the spread of the virus so that you can shut everyone down again,” he claimed.  “You are a joke of a human and an even bigger joke of an elected official. I can’t wait to use this as part of my evidence against you when proving that you are nothing but a fraud in every way. All of you out there who still think this is about a virus well I truly will never value your opinion about anything ever again.”

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