NJ Hate Group Finds New Home on MeWe Social Media Platform

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When New Jersey-based anti-Jewish hate group leader Richard Ciullo got banned from Facebook for the third time last year, his hate group, which will not be named here was homeless on social media, pretty much how he was homeless after squatting in a home he was renting and stiffing his landlady for months.  Ciullo’s hate group has been condemned by New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, Attorney General Gurbir Grewal, the entire Board of Ocean County Freeholders, U.S. Senator Robert Singer, and the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office.

Ciullo eventually found a new home on the MeWe platform, a platform that has been accused of harboring hate groups and pedophiles.  There, in relative obscurity, Ciullo began trying to rebuild his social media hate empire and by creating alternative pages on Facebook to spew his anti-Jewish rage.

Few follow Ciullo these days online after he stiffed hundreds of followers out of money.  In order to raise money, he held a merch sale, accepted hundreds of dollars from fans, but never delivered the products.  Ciullo was sentenced to jail for fraud earlier in 2020 after intentionally bouncing a check and a few years earlier, Ciullo defrauded several businesses when he ran a phony home-improvement expo in Toms River.  He sold advertising to that expo, claiming a local radio station was running it, but the radio station got wind of Ciullo’s scam and shut it down.  Police were called, charges were filed, and Ciullo.

Last week, another child sex predator was caught sharing pornography and jailed. MeWe eventually banned that account.

“This person was banned and removed from MeWe and our team reported him to the authorities. MeWe’s Terms of Service is strict and clear: illegal activity and pornography are prohibited. MeWe is vigilant about this issue and we have an outstanding Trust and Safety Team that works hard every day to investigate, seek out, and remove TOS-violaters,” said David Westreich of MeWe. “We use machine learning technology and have partnered with IWF (Internet Watch Foundation), Sift Science, and Arkose Labs, in order to stop known bad actors at the door and find them if they’ve gotten inside so we can swiftly remove them.”

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Ciullo’s MeWe page is filled with left-wing style conspiracy theories and dozens of photos of Orthodox Jews, including women and children. Ciullo, like Nazi propaganda of the 1930s and 1940’s is filled with conspiracy theories about Jews, including running local politics, paying off politicians, paying off judges, and yes, even paying off U.S. Attorney General William Barr.   You can find photos of Jewish people doing ordinary tasks on Ciulo’s MeWe page…buying flowers…shopping…kids going to school…kids riding a school bus…Jewish adults on school buses…Jews with politicians…Jewish talking…Jews praying…you know, all the bad things Jews do that the community must “Rise Up” against.

MeWe this week said they see nothing wrong with Ciullo’s well-documented hate group settling down on their platform.

“MeWe’s Trust and Safety Team investigated this page and TOS-violations were not found. [Ciullo’s hate group] is still active on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube,” David Westreich, of MeWe said.  “MeWe has a strong Terms of Service designed to keep out haters, lawbreakers, bullies, harassment, violence inciters, etc. MeWe’s Trust and Safety Team works hard every day to investigate, seek out, and remove TOS-violaters. MeWe’s Trust and Safety Team investigated this page and TOS-violations were not found. This same page is still active on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. In fact, It’s following on Facebook and YouTube is larger and far more active than its following on MeWe.”

Ciullo has a long rap sheet that includes fraud, theft and lately was even restrained by a Toms River Police officer at a township government meeting as he approached a councilman he has been attacking online with clenched fists, cursing, and yelling.  Ciullo almost found himself with a misdemeanor charge that night, possibly an assault charge, but was stopped twice, once by the police officer and another time by a township lawyer who held him back from charging the elected official.

This is the sort of person the media claims finds a home on MeWe, but we’re still waiting for MeWe to respond, but until then, hate in New Jersey has found a new home and so has Ciullo after bouncing from pad to pad since his conviction.  Ciullo recently told the Toms River Township Council members he now lives in Seaside Heights, known for its seasonal transient rental community and Section 8 apartments in the off-season.

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Ciullo, according to multiple sources within the Ocean County Republican Party is being funded by Ocean County GOP Chairman Frank B. Holman.  According to two Ocean County elected officials who spoke to Shore News Network under the condition of anonymity, they claim Ciullo is being funded by the Ocean County GOP through payments made to Art Gallagher, a blogger who runs More Monmouth Musings.    The Ocean County GOP Finance Committee however paid Gallagher $4,000, but nobody within the party knows why or what that payment was actually for.  We asked Ocean County Freeholder Joe Vicari who is running for office and Vicari said he was aware of the payment, but also, doesn’t know what services Gallagher is providing the party or his own campaign if any.

Gallagher rejected that claim, but did not say why the GOP paid him $4,000 this fall.

Learn more about Ciullo here.



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