Booker Crushing Rik Mehta in Latest Rutgers-Eagleton Poll

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NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ – There’s one major difference between U.S. Senator Cory Booker and his political opponent Rikin Mehta, Cory Booker admits he’s a Democrat.  Rik Mehta has been one of the state’s worst candidates for U.S. Senate in recent record.  He’s a “#walkway” Beltway Democrat who turned Republican, but has been hiding his liberal, Democrat past from voters and putting on a good show for Trump supporting Republicans.  Mehta’s problem is, he challenged a well-liked Jersey Shore lifelong conservative, Hirsh Singh and squeaked out a questionable primary win with a flawed mail-in ballot.  Not only are Democrats and moderates not voting for Mehta, but many hardcore conservatives in the Garden State are also passing altogether in this election.

That’s probably why, according to the latest Rutgers-Eagleton Poll, Mehta is down by 30 points against Booker. U.S. Sen. Cory Booker has a large lead against Republican challenger Rikin Mehta in his reelection bid. Among registered voters, he wins 59 percent to 30 percent; among likely voters, 61 percent to 31 percent, the poll revealed.

Mehta has not received much support from the Republican party either in New Jersey and has been unable to raise money for advertising and television commercials.  In fact, his campaign is in nearly $300,000 of debt heading into the final week of the election.


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