That Time Andrew Cuomo Mocked COVID-19 Death, And Now He’s Dead

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NEW YORK, NY – A viral video that was released back in May featuring New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is making rounds again on the internet after the governor’s series of somber and threatening press conferences in the past week.   In  May, for Cuomo, COVID-19 was something to be laughed at, mocking those who died.  Today, even speaking the word COVID-19 can eject lethal particles into the air that can kill everyone at your Thanksgiving dinner next week.

“There’s a video that went all over the place about a young guy who was in Florida and on he’s on the video saying only young guys get it,” Cuomo said laughing and chuckling.  “And now he’s dead”

The video was resurfaced after Cuomo launched a tirade against the President, saying he’s not taking the COVID-19 pandemic seriously on Monday.

“This was the President himself. Liberate Michigan, Liberate New York, organizing protests against governors who were trying to protect the people in their state. He’s been in denial of the situation from day one. He’s never been productive. The best thing he did was just abdicate responsibility and give it to the states. But I don’t see anything different from this President. He has been incompetent and lied frankly about COVID from day one,” Cuomo said. “It’s hard to get to the place where you don’t take the President of the United States seriously. There’s a disconnect. You say President of the United States, you think that it’s a serious person. That’s not this President. ”



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