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What is SNN?

Shore News Network’s reader base shows reader concentration at the Jersey Shore and Jersey Shore residents at work. Source: Google Analytics

Authentically Local…Fair & Balanced News for New Jersey

Since 2008, the Shore News Network has been the leading independent online news source at the Jersey Shore.    By providing local news coverage that includes the local communities, we have built an audience of 100,000 followers on social media.

Our inclusive community coverage paired with newswire coverage from sources across the globe makes the Shore News Network a great information destination for Shore area residents fed up with the politically aligned and leaning “big-business” media outlets that also serve the Jersey Shore.

Shore News Network is pro-community and pro-Main Street America.   We work in partnership with local communities, not against them as our media peers do.


The numbers

Shore News Network has the numbers to get your business noticed. Below are our weekly averages on our website and our network of social media pages, followed by nearly 100,000 loyal readers daily.

How we stack against the competition

The Shore News Network is ranked #2 in generalized online news services when it comes to the Jersey Shore. We trail only the Asbury Park Press, a century old media institution that was the backbone of the Jersey shore in the 20th century.

That was then, this is now and the future of news media is online, not in the pages of daily newspapers. Source Facebook.  

Studies show most people who get their news online get it from social media.  Here is how we rank against our competition in the number of social media followers.Shore News Network is always on and always in the pocket of our readers.  68% of our readers receive our news through their mobile devices.   Our news alerts vibrate their pockets and let them know when a new story is published.   This is a great reach than Newspapers, television and radio and more effective!

Who are our readers?

Analytics show that the majority of our readers are between the ages of 25 and 54 years of age, meaning, we’re not your father’s newspaper.  Our audience is tech-savvy and hungry for information about their local communities.  Source Facebook.  

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