Texas A&M Student Assistant Hits WVU Players During Liberty Bowl

Texas A&M sideline student assistant Mike Lowery crossed the line as he assaulted students from West Virginia University who came near him on the sidelines on several occasions.  The well intended body check here and a calculated punch to the back of the head there, but Lowery claims he didn’t do it on purpose.

“Something like this was never my intention,” he tweeted after the game. “I haven’t spoken with any reporters about anything.”

“In the heat of the moment of yesterday’s game I did lose myself with everything going on,” he said of the event. “To the players involved I  apologize for the ignorance I displayed and there was nothing personal with the actions made on that sideline yesterday.”

After being notified of the hits, head coach Kevin Sumlin left Lowery in the locker room, nowhere to be found on the sidelines, leading to speculation that Lowery is now an “Ex-sideline student assistant”.


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