Well, we knew this wouldn't take long……we barely got to know our precious li…

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Well, we knew this wouldn’t take long……we barely got to know our precious little puppy Skooter, and he’s already gone off to start his fabulous new life! Skooter got a great home with a wonderful family that just adores him. This little pup came to us only a week ago from our Newark facility when his owner had to turn him in. The owner became ill and could no longer care for Skooter, so the little guy got himself ready to start over. He came down to us at Popcorn Park where he had a full spa day and visit to our veterinarian, then he began interviewing potential families. Naturally everyone wanted little Skooter, but there is only one of him, and this loving family has welcomed him with open arms. There are still so many other beautiful and deserving dogs that are awaiting their forever homes. If you were willing to open your heart and home to Skooter, please come in and meet our many, many others, and give them the great lives that they deserve. Congratulations to Skooter and family! We wish you a long, happy, healthy life together.

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