These adorable little guys are Mario and Luigi, two young brothers that would lo…

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These adorable little guys are Mario and Luigi, two young brothers that would love a great home of their own. The boys never had a home and they’re eager to find out what it’s like to have a family that loves them. They came to us when they were found as tiny stray kittens in the woods, in July 2014. They were all alone, no mom in sight, but they clung on to each other for safety until they were found. The boys were quite sickly when they came in and spent some time in our hospital recovering from upper respiratory infections, parasites, etc. They got strong and healthy, and now they’re ready to move on and start life over again. Mario (tiger striped) and Luigi (black and white) are about 8 months old now, and are lovable, playful kittens. They moved into our free roaming area where they spend their days playing, socializing with the other cats, and snuggling with each other. The brothers are quite bonded and we would love to find a home for them where they could stay together forever. Mario and Luigi get along fine with other cats and just love people. They would make a wonderful addition to good family that promises to love and care for them forever. File#23723 & 23722 7/17/14
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