We are looking for a very special home for a very special little girl. Cindy is…

We are looking for a very special home for a very special little girl. Cindy is ready to start her search again for that special someone that will give her the lifetime of happiness that she deserves. Cindy is a little over two years old and she is a pit/jack russell mix. She came to us from our Newark facility when she was taken from a horrible existence where she was being kept outside, on heavy chains, in a garbage-filled yard. Cindy’s owner used her to “guard” his property and she had little to no human contact for much of her life prior to coming to AHS. Cindy was emaciated, sick, and extremely terrified when she came in. After many months of good meals, excellent medical care, and lots of TLC, Cindy blossomed into a beautiful, healthy young dog.

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Over the many months that Cindy was with us, she came to know and trust some of our staff members, but she still had a fear of new people. She was adopted out briefly but when she was taken to her new home, Cindy bolted from the car and was on the run for 6 long days. We were thrilled to get Cindy back safe and sound after searching day and night for her. Due to the fear issues that Cindy still has, the adopters felt that they were not prepared to get her over those issues, which is understandable. We do, however, feel that Cindy should have a chance at a loving, safe home, which is something that she has never had in her life.

Cindy has come a long way since her “outdoor excursion” and we have been working with her on a daily basis to get her to overcome some of her fears. She now enjoys getting attention from people that she knows and trusts and even seeks out attention from time to time. Cindy absolutely comes alive when she meets a friendly dog, so a requirement to adopt Cindy will be that you must have a dog at home that would welcome Cindy. Cindy will also need a home that has a secure, fenced yard, and the home must be Cindy-safe, in that she is not able to run out a door if a loud noise were to startle her. She will also need a home with no small children. Cindy does not have an aggressive bone in her body, but she does startle easily over commotion that some children could cause. A home visit by one of our staff members will also be needed.

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If you can provide a loving, safe environment for our darling Cindy to start over in, please come in and meet her. She may be a bit indifferent to you at first, but if you are patient and let her take her time, Cindy will learn to love and trust you, and you couldn’t ask for a better friend and companion than our little Cindy.
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