COOL CAT OF THE DAY~ BITS This handsome young boy is Bits, a 5 year old black &…

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This handsome young boy is Bits, a 5 year old black & white beauty that would absolutely love a great home of his own. Bits had a home, but the conditions there were less than desirable. He was living in a hoarding situation and very happy to be out of it. Bits was a bit neglected in his former home and has multiple infections that caused him to lose a lot of his fur. After lots of good medical care and TLC, he is doing terrific now and has never felt better. If you’ve ever walked through our holding area, then you’ve probably had Bits try to high-five you. He is so playful that he just can’t resist popping a paw out when people go by, just to get some attention. Bits is playful and fun-loving and loves to put on a show when you see him in holding, but when we take him out, he’s a bit more reserved and just wants to make sure you’re ok before he offers you a paw-shake out in the open. He’s such a sweet guy and he’s even good with other cats. This little guy is so deserving of a fresh start in life with a family that will love and care for him the way he deserves…..please make his dreams of a great home come true! File#23408 4/1/14
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