Battlefield: Hardline Pits Cops vs the Bad Guys in New Direction of Franchise

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In Battlefield Hardline, you’re on one side of the law or the other — a baton or bat stun gun or rifle armored police truck or transport vehicle. Right and wrong isn’t always that clear.

Battlefield Hardline’s gritty story will take you through so many twists and turns you won’t be able to wait until the next episode.

Newly christened Miami detective Nick is from the wrong side of the tracks, the first legitimately employed member of his family for generations. Nick’s a loner, a crusader, and is determined to make his way to the top of the pile. His making detective is validation that he’s left behind the man he feared he might become.

A first-generation Vietnamese-American who hails from outside LA, Khai turned her back on the west coast and a rebellious youth to put a star on her chest. Rising quickly through the ranks, she’s established herself to her fellow officers and the usual underworld suspects as a smart, able detective who isn’t afraid to let her temper take over.

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