The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Review

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by Riggy Wallcard

Let me start out by saying that I liked the first two Hunger Games better, but that I liked this one too. Now many people might think that they had only decided to split the third book in the Hunger Games series into two films so that they could make more money, and that is probably the case, but I believe that if you do a good job on a movie, even if the only purpose for the movie is the money, then you still deserve the money.

Now, I must say that like I stated in the beginning, that this was probably my least favorite Hunger Games so far, but it does have good qualities. First of all, it did have a pretty good action scene in District 8, and it did have a grim but truthful statement in it: The price for freedom. The film shows the costs of freeing your country from tyranny; the cost of thousands of innocent lives, and while watching it I realized that if our country ever ended up so bad (which I don’t see as far away), I would have to ask myself, which costs more, slavery or freedom. But it does show the importance of fighting for what is right, and even my mom, who doesn’t like the second Hunger Games, and won’t even watch the first, did seem to like this one.
Now, like I said, it is the least important, and shortest of the Hunger Games so far, but even though it wasn’t the best, I wasn’t disappointed. With the first half of the book out of the way, they now have the whole next film to get straight to the action for the best half of the book, without having to worry about fitting the content covered in this film in there, and possibly making the next Hunger Games the best one yet.

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