Beauty, an 8 year old and Spunky who is 12 had an idyllic life that all orphaned…

Beauty, an 8 year old and Spunky who is 12 had an idyllic life that all orphaned dogs would love. They enjoyed a carefree existence with their Bradley Beach owner who passed away.

It is not known to us if the owner had made contingent plans with a friend, neighbor or relative in the event of an emergency. Now an emergency has arisen and the Boston Terrier twosome had to be removed from the only home they had known. They were stressed, unfamiliar with a leash and now a new, more tranquil, loving home is needed for Beauty & Spunky. When the staff handles them, Beauty tries to hide behind her older brother.

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If you live alone without the benefit of family/friends, go to our website: and log onto Publications (see left margin) and you can view WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO YOUR PETS. Make decisions easier for family, friends, co-workers who will be concerned about you and those you leave behind.

Perhaps Beauty & Spunky’s owner had plans for the future of her pets, but we will never known. A donation to our Res-Q Fund will help us to continue to help those animals that are bereft and frightened when they arrive at our door. Click here to donate:

Spunky & Beauty are at the Associated Humane Societies Tinton Falls facility. For more information, call AHS at 732-922-0100 or e-mail: AHS is open 7 days a week for your convenience.

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