Email from Dan Pfeiffer: "Your Memo for the President"

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Earlier today, White House Senior Advisor Dan Pfeiffer sent a message to the White House email list asking readers what they want to see get done in the President’s last two years. Didn’t get it? Make sure you sign up for email updates here.

For the past several months, staff across the White House have been submitting memos to the President about the State of the Union.

They suggest new policies, share updated data, make recommendations for the year ahead — and right now, President Obama and our team are going through those memos to figure out what will make the cut for the night of the big speech.

This year, we want you to play a part in that process, too — and we’re doing something we haven’t done before. We’re going to send a special memo to the President, sharing what the American people would like to see progress in during the time we have left — and why. We’re calling it a “Citizens’ Memo.”

The question is simple: What do you want to see get done in the last two years? Tell President Obama here.

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