Weinberg Applauds Sweeney Plan to Engage Top Transportation Experts in Assessing NJ’s Infrastructure Needs

Weinberg Applauds Sweeney Plan to Engage Top Transportation Experts in Assessing NJ’s Infrastructure Needs


TRENTON – Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg issued the following statement today on the announcement by Senate President Steve Sweeney that two of the state’s foremost transportation experts – former Transportation Commissioner Kris Kolluri and Martin Robins, director emeritus of RutgersUniversity’s AlanM.VoorheesTransportationPolicyCenter – will advise him on the state’s transportation needs. The Senate President said today the team will devise a long-term plan for the state’s transportation infrastructure needs.

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“Our infrastructure is connected to the economic health of our state and the quality of life of our residents, which is why it is so vital that we improve our state’s transportation system. Enlisting two of the foremost transportation experts in the state to develop a long-term plan for improving our roadways, bridges and rail lines is the right approach. I applaud the senate president for his leadership on this issue and for taking this important step to begin the process of beginning thoughtful, long-range transportation planning. This is long overdue.

“Unfortunately, most of our residents know all too well the impact poor infrastructure has on their daily lives and on their pocketbooks. If we are going to solve the transportation crisis in our state, we have to look at the state’s needs in a comprehensive way. Commissioner Kolluri and Mr. Robins are the right people for the job. I look forward to their work and the development of a plan for improving our transportation infrastructure.

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“I also look forward to an appropriately timely plan from the governor for refunding our TTF. We cannot wait too much longer for the administration to tell us their plan. For the benefit of our state and all of our residents, we have to get this done.”