JCP&L, Not NSA, Homeland Security, Police Flying Low, Checking Power Lines in Toms River

The Haverfield Corp. will be performing Comprehensive Visual Inspections (CVI’s) on the 230kV transmission lines in the JCP&L Region starting January 4th 2016. The CVI patrols on these lines are expected to take 3 to 4 weeks for completion and are therefore expected to be complete by the end of January, weather permitting. The CVI patrols are a slow-speed, close-up, detailed inspection of the lines and hardware. The helicopter will be flying slowly (approximately 10 mph) along the lines and will often hover and/or circle for a close inspection of the facilities, particularly at the individual structure locations.

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The flight crew provides information on their daily location to both Transmission Lines Maintenance and the FCC, and the pilot will be in communication with any local airports when in their airspace. Please share this information as appropriate.


The helicopter scheduled for these patrols is Black with red lettering, MD 500 with registration (tail) number N8330P.