Supply and Demand Already Taking Toll on Bernie Sanders' Campaign; No More Free Stickers

Supply and demand already seem to be plaguing socialist Bernie Sanders and he’s not even President yet.  He hasn’t even secured the nomination for his party.   But problems have arisen with his first handout to the American people, bumper stickers.

12507481_10208610269643345_2234372772312565263_nSanders offers free bumper stickers to anyone who registers their email, address and phone number on his website.  There’s just one problem. He’s already out of them and can’t give away any more.

Not yet, that is.

Sanders has learned a tough economics lesson this week.  When things are free, Americans want them.

His campaign can’t even keep up with the supply of free stickers, how can we ever expect him to deliver to the nation free healthcare or free college?   How can we take his socialist lectures about communist based economics when he can’t even practice what he preaches.

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Like most socialist endeavours, the stocks have run dry and the lines are forming.

If this is a glimpse into the presidency of Bernie Sanders, it is a chilling one.

Imagine a family in need of a doctor for their child who is sick.   With many choosing not to be doctors because of the lack of wages, socialized medicine will create waitlists longer than we have ever seen before for specialist care.

“Sorry, we have no doctors today, please try again later,” we’d be told.

“Sorry, we have no textbooks because the companies who publishes them have all gone out of business because we wanted more affordable books,” we’d be told.

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Bernie can’t even get free bumper stickers right, how can we expect him to get free anything right?

The fact is, and 99.9% of economists would agree, Sanders’ vision of utopian socialist America just can’t happen. It’s impossible. It’s been tried before.  The Soviet Union, China, Eastern Europe, Cuba and the list goes on.   The American government can barely get capitalism down right, why should we ever think Bernie Sanders can get socialism right?




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