6 Years For Screwdriver Assault

A Seaside Heights man has been sentenced to six and half years after assaulting a woman with a screwdriver at a Toms River motel in 2014.

Steen Tarpley pleaded guilty to aggravated assault Friday, and must serve nearly the full sentence before release, followed by three years of supervised parole.

The attack occurred on a Sunday afternoon, February 16 at the Americana Motel on Route 166. A naked and bleeding woman had knocked on a room door at the motel, reporting that she’d been raped and beaten.

Police later determined the 31-year-old had been stabbed multiple times with a screwdriver.

Tarpley was found within two miles of the account, with a record that included a short stretch for simple assault in 2012 and a four-year term for assault with a weapon in 2008.

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Reportedly, Tarpley believed his victim had been unfaithful to him, which may have sparked the attack.

At sentencing, Tarpley hinted that his criminal record lead to him being falsely accused of other crimes, while nevertheless pleading guilty to the assault. He also professed his continuing love for the victim.

While not in court for the sentencing, the victim herself was able to recover from the assault.