A Google Trends Post-Mortem: Chris Christie Failed to Create Interest

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After dismal performances in the Iowa and New Hampshire primaries, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie could be on the verge of hanging up the spikes.

Christie is expected to announce the suspension of his presidential campaign, according to national news sources today.

One thing the Governor failed to do was make a name for himself and make himself interesting or appealing.  In that realm, the often abrasive governor was manhandled by Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.  There was never an interest in Chris Christie on any level.

This is evident in Google Trends.  Now, political pundits can mock the use of Google Trends in a political election, but let’s face it.  Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Donald Trump to date have owned all the buzz in the media.

Christie’s historic smackdown of Marco Rubio this weekend netted him more than just a blip on the radar nationwide.


Much of the investigative queries on Christie were negative.  Of interest to Americans was the candidate’s weight and his post Hurricane Sandy bromance with President Obama.


The next Google Trends data shows searches for Marco Rubio.  Having a better than average looking wife seems to have helped him along with his Google numbers.


When it comes to Donald Trump, again, the searches were positive.  How much money does he have? What is he saying today?  He has what is referred to sometimes as the Howard Stern Effect.  Whether you hate or love The Donald, you always want to tune in to see what he says next.


The same went on for Bush and Cruz.   Christie didn’t seem to figure himself out until Sunday, but it was too late to have any impact on a campaign that brought him criticism at home and on the road.

He also failed to improve his online market reach. His campaign page flatlined shortly after it launched.


Compared to Donald Trump’s campaign website. (Source compete.com).




Now you might say, being a political insider or pundit that this entire theory is hogwash, but ask yourself this question.. Why is your preferred candidate failing against the likes of Donald Trump.  You’ll have four years to think about it and come to terms with what Americans want and how to get their attention in the age of social media and the internet.  It’s not 1955 anymore and if establishment Republicans don’t get used to it, expect more of the same.