Valentines Day Surprise

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Throughout the Valentines Day weekend some 408 nurses and nurses aides, in 34 nearby assisted living facilities, got the biggest Valentines Day surprise of their working lives. They were called out to their nearest nursing station where they were greeted and briefly serenaded by a fully attired quartet from the Oceanaires Barbershop Chorus of Toms River.

The chorus had decided that rather than being a fund raising opportunity, this year, they would use Valentines Day as an appropriate time to say thank you to the nurses and aides who provide such important and critical support for so many of the counties residents.

Their first reaction was shock and confusion but they quickly tuned in to the short 3 song Valentines Day message and were very moved and very thankful. They were handed a card signed by the entire chorus and one red rose.

Hopefully, they were able to return to their patients with a little bounce to their step and with a smile on their faces.

I know the members of the Chorus who visited them will have a smile on their faces every Valentines Day when they remember this special day.
For further information see oceanaires .com or call Jim Donohue 732 793 2913

Submitted by James Donohue
Toms River