Prosecutor: Jackson Woman Indicted for Causing Miscarriage of Pregnant Woman During Robbery

ASBURY PARK-The Asbury Park Police Department arrested Margaret M. Vannell, 34, of Liverpool Court on aggravated assault charges during a January 11th incident where Vannell assaulted another individual.   Monmouth County Prosecutors announced Vannell’s indictment on Tuesday.

The Prosecutor’s Office said Vannell attempted to cause serious bodily injury to a pregnant woman during the course of a robbery, pulling her pregnant victim to the ground and struggling with her over a pocketbook.   The assault, police said, contributed to the victim’s miscarriage of her baby.

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It was not the first run Vannell had with police.

On January 8th,  Ocean Township (Monmouth) police officers responded to the Target of Ocean for a report of a shoplifting in progress. Once on scene they learned that the suspect fled the area in a taxi.

A subsequent investigation by detectives led them to the Asbury Park train station where they located the suspect, Margaret Vannell.

Once she was positively identified she was placed under arrest and taken to the Township of Ocean Police Headquarters for processing. Once back at the station Detectives Michael Legg and Bryan Morgan continued their investigation. It was at this time they identified Vannell as the accused in 5 other shopliftings in Ocean Township. Vannell was charged with 6 shoplifting and 1 count of possession of drug paraphernalia. She was released on a complaint summons and is scheduled to appear at a future court hearing

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