After Toms River Rejection, Empanada Guy Finds Open Arms in Brick


BRICK-After his business was rejected by the Toms River township council last March, Carlos Serrano, the “Empanada Guy” has received a warm welcome from nearby Brick Township.   Serrano’s very popular food truck was denied access in Toms River after local brick and mortar competitors objected to his request to operate within the town, citing a 1973 ordinance  that bars the operation of food trucks within the township unless they move their vehicle every thirty minutes.

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Serrano said he will operate out of the parking lot of the Ocean Ice Palace and is hoping to have approvals to begin operations in March.

The announcement was made on the Empanada Guy’s Facebook page in January and in the weeks since, eager foodies and fans of Serrano’s have been impatient, asking daily when he will open.

“I wanted to apply for a permanent location for one of my food trucks in Toms River,” Serrano said.  “The ordinance is from 45 years ago.”

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But the township refused to accommodate Serrano, forcing him to look elsewhere to establish his business in Ocean County.

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Last year, Paul Shives, township business administrator told Serrano the law was written specifically to keep businesses such as his out of Toms River.

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