Poll: 86.9% of Residents Approve of Toms River's Cease and Desist Order Against Realtors

In an online poll by the Shore News Network with 770 readers, 86.9%  of our readers said they approve of the performance of Toms River Mayor Tom Kelaher and the township council’s cease and desist order against residential soliciting by real estate agents in the North Dover section of town.

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11.3% of those polled said the council’s decision did not change their views of the mayor and council in any way, but just 1.9% disagreed with the action and expressed disapproval in the poll.

Toms River residents have been pressuring the township council since late 2015 to take action against what they feel are overly aggressive real estate tactics, mostly in the North Dover section.

Last Tuesday, the council voted unanimously to ban real estate soliciting in portions of North Dover, bordering Lakewood Township.

A few days later, Toms River police reported they had charged a man for trespassing in an abandoned and foreclosed home.  The man entered the house illegally, but claimed he was a potential buyer and was acting upon the guidance of a realtor in Lakewood.

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Toms River police, unable to corroborate the man’s story, issued  Israel Feldbrand, of Lakewood a summons for trespassing.

Mayor Thomas F. Kelaher stated, “The arrest of Mr. Feldbrand is further proof of the type of conduct taking place in Toms River by unscrupulous individuals and realtors. This type of behavior will not be tolerated and is added justification for the cease and desist ordinance unanimously approved by the Township Council.”

“This is the kind of behavior our residents have repeatedly complained about which is the reason the cease and desist ordinance was enacted,” council president Brian Kubiel said. “Residents should remain vigilant about the safety and security of their residences and report any suspicious activity to the Police.”

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Photo by Lakewood Scoop.