Jackson Man Hit by Reckless Lakewood Driver Arrested by Police

LAKEWOOD-A situation in Lakewood escalated quickly between a black man and Orthodox Jewish men after a car accident here on Wednesday.

Police in Lakewood have arrested 34 year old Elijah’s Chandler of Jackson after he reacted aggressively and violently to the driver of a vehicle in Lakewood he claims ran a red light and crashed into his vehicle.

Chandler claimed the driver ran the red light, police have not released any information pertaining to the actual accident, but did file charges against him.

“The [expletive] ran the light,” Chandler shouted. “He tried to beat the light, like all y’all [expletive].”

After the accident, he began yelling at a driver he claims sped through the intersection after the traffic light had turned red.   During the heated confrontation, some of which was captured on video, police arrived and arrested Chandler, charging him with bias intimidation, terroristic threats, simple assault, criminal mischief and two counts of harassment. Chandler was surrounded by a group of individuals described as Orthodox Jewish men during the clash.

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In the video, Chandler could be seen yelling and pointing at the man, shouting anti-semitic remarks, but no physical assault was captured on video.  Chandler then kicked the vehicle which was operated by the driver who committed the initial offense.  Witnesses claimed Chandler opened the offending driver’s car door and removed him from the vehicle.

Lakewood police refused to release the comments made by Elijah to the media, but the video released shortly afterwards on social media captured the event.

You can watch the full video on the Ocean County Police Blotter facebook page.

Main Photo:  Chandler lays on the road after being instructed by police, prior to his arrest.

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