Man to police: Military hacked my phone; Retired airman's daughter is international spy

Editors Note: After obtaining the video from this encounter, we are now able to properly report this story.  For the benefit of the actor involved, suffering from mental illness, we will not disclose his name or publish the video.

Originally reported on December 15th.

JACKSON-A Jackson resident this week called police after a bizarre interaction with a man who abruptly stopped and skidded his vehicle in front of his home.

According to the video of the event, the man who was driving the vehicle told the resident, “I have reason to believe your daughter is an international criminal.”

“How do you know that?” the victim asked.

“Because my phone’s been hacked playing a silly game and I got a whole bunch of details of things that would seem like her,” the man responded.

When asked by the victim to see the phone, the man notified him he was live broadcasting the encounter on Facebook.

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“Just move on,” the victim said and walked back towards his home.

The man then told the victim that the military has been flying jets low over his home and spying on him, and he gives them the middle finger all the time and the pilots saw it.  He then confronted the victim, allegedly an air force veteran and demanding that he tells everything he knew about the military’s spying on him.

“Do you know anything about the jets harassing me?” he said. “Are you going to enjoy your discharge from misusing military equipment?”

“Where do you get this?” the victim responded.

“From the jets flying circles around my house…when I flip them off…they [expletive] fly over me real nice and slow,” the man said.

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“You think I’m flying these jets?” the victim asked the man.

“I’m not sure, I know you’re a helicopter pilot mechanic…,” the man said.

The man then continued to argue with the victim, saying he was had information about the jets and helicopters flying over his house.  The encounter happened in an area which lies just a few miles from Joint Base MDL and is in the flight path of the U.S. Navy training missions that circle Jackson Township from the former Lakehurst Naval Air Station side of the joint base.”

“You are just f’d dude, just move on,” the victim told the man. The man began yelling at the victim and that’s when he called the police.   “I know she’s in a non-extradition neighbor…I’m going to come back with more people later.  You’re not going to misused your [expletive] authority as a soldier…have your daughter and her stupid [expletive] friends harass me with jets and try to ruin my life.”

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Later the man who made the outlandish claims  arrived at the Jackson Police headquarters to file a report.

“This same male came in to the police department to report his phone had been hacked by the military after downloading a game,” the department said.  “The male, who suffers from mental health issues was not taking his prescribed medication.”

Police notified EMT’s and he was transported to Monmouth Medical Southern Campus for treatment.

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