Bernie Sanders – A Loser's Lament

by Phil Stilton

FROM WITHIN BERNIE SANDERS’ NEW LAKEFRONT CABIN- “Clinton received almost 3 million more votes, but Trump will be the next president. It’s clear the electoral college needs to be changed,”  That’s what Bernie Sanders just Tweeted.

Like Donald Trump said in his victory tour campaign stops, had the maps on television read ‘Road to the popular vote’, he would have campaigned to win the popular vote.  Despite the left’s narrative of an unfair system, the maps on MSNBC, CNN and Fox News read ‘Road to 270’.

To complain about the process, which both he and Hillary Clinton have never questioned prior to it working against them is disingenuous.

Now that it’s all over, maybe Hillary, Bernie and Jill Stein can relax and enjoy a weekend at Bernie’s new $600,000 lakefront cottage. Jill can buy dinner and they can all share a nice bottle wine and lament together about how America has shown them each to the curb.

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