Mariah Carey Drops the Ball on New Year's Eve

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Will NBC Blame Russia for Mariah Carey’s New Year’s Eve Disaster?

When things go wrong these days, the media tends to blame the Russians, but will ABC blame Russia for the trainwreck of a live lip-synched performance by pop diva Mariah Carey.  Carey pretty much gave up trying to keep up, blaming missing vocals, before walking off the stage after a performance that had Twitter raging in the New Year.

Many joked Mariah was the last celebrity victim of 2016.

Others came to her defense, blaming technical problems and not forgetting the words or as some speculated, being drunk, for the folly.

“Just saw perform. 2016 either claimed another victim OR Russians hackers undermined her campaign as lip syncher of the year,” tweeted Scott Kellen.

“[Of] all the celebrity deaths this year, the live execution of ‘s career is probably the saddest,” tweeted Zach Davis.